Walcownie Bruzdowe BATORY

Walcownie Bruzdowe BATORY

The Batory works were formerly established under name "Bismarckhütte". Current name "Huta Batory" comes from 1933 and even after the disintegration into several smaller companies in 2002 still belongs among the major steel plants in Central Europe.

"Walcownie Bruzdowe Batory" were formed in 2002 and comprises 3 rolling mills; light, medium and heavy section. The heavy section is located in the so called "upper mill" nearby the tube rolling mill and light and medium sections are at "bottom mill" between the steel plant of Huta Batory and forging shop.
"Walcownie Bruzdowe Batory" are producing bars and rods from alloyed and high-speed steel mainly.

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