It was the summer of 99´ when me and my parents went to the Beskydy mountains for holidays. Only two memories has survived from that time until today - a trip to the dark town of Ostrava and our way back through Trinec where my father stopped the car for a short break. Across the river an overhelming construction of blast no.1 was rising above and when I rolled down the car window to have a better look a harsh metalic smell hit my nose immediately. I can still remember that strange tar smell which can´t be forgotten.

I’m devoted to the photographic documentation of the World steel industry over 10 years now. Until today I’ve visited more than 200 steel mills and foundries worldwide.

Those are part of a my ongoing non-profit documentation project ment to show the fascination, beauty and long tradition of the World iron&steel industry and the process of steel making.



Documentary movie about my industrial passion (2017, czech)

Interview for Nikon (2015, czech)

Report about my visit to ArcelorMittal North America (2015, english)

Interview for Prom-Front (2016, russian)

Interview for AnalogPhoto blog (2016, russian)

Interview for Radio Free Europe (2017, english)

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