Алапаевский  завод

Алапаевский завод

History of Alapayevsk metallurgical plant is dating back to 1704, when Tsar Peter the Great built the very first smelting plant on the banks of ALapaikha river. The smelter consisted of two blast furnaces and factory producing Molotov cocktails with artillery arsenal for the Russian army. In 1766 new owner, Sawa Jakovlevich Sobakin, bought the ironworks and made necessary investments.

The first 15 tons open hearth furnace was put into operation in 1895 and displaced outdated puddling furnaces soon after.

During the Russian Civil War (1917-1920), production was shutdown temporarily and restarted in 1919 again. The mill was expanded with another siemens-martin furnace and a rolling mill. Pre-war production capacity was reached in 1926 finally. The third and last open hearth furnace was built in 1928.

After the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), during which the production was completely comformed to military needs, brand new blast furnace was built in 1946, which was the most modern one in whole Soviet union.

Due to increasing competition of iron and steel making handled by large metalurgical combines in early 70´s, the production process was modified into ferroalloys smelting and lasted until 2004.

In 2011 the whole mill was bought by NOVAEM company who relined the blast furnace and restart the production. However bankrupt in 2013.

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