Warmwalzwerk Königswinter

Warmwalzwerk Königswinter

The current strip rolling mill in German Königswinter continues the tradition of the former plant "Lemmerz-Werke GmbH" founded by three brothers, Francis, John and Simon King in 1919 already. Here they began mass production of steel wheels for cars.
In 1924 a contract with Opel company was signed. In 1935, the works were taken over by Paul Lemmerz, the son of Johann Lemmerz.

The plant has been modernized and expanded in 1957 with hot strip mill and steel foundry with two arc furnaces.

By the end of the 90´s the "Lemmerz Werk" were merged into American company "Hayes Wheels International," the world´s largest steel wheels manufacturer.
Rolling mill became independet in 2010 and operates under the brand "Warmwalzwerk Königswinter GmbH" today.

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