TATA Steel IJmuiden

TATA Steel IJmuiden

Metallurgical combine placed in the middle of sand dunes on the coast of North sea is the biggest one and together the only one mill in Netherland. Plans for the first blast furnace with linking siemens-martin steelworks were commissioned on 31st May 1917 and within few years became known all over the Europe as "Koninklijke Nederlandse Hoogovens en Staalfabrieken"

Dutch industry´s dependence on imports was reduced then.

Former five blast furnaces were slowly blown out during the 70´s. However not despite of some economical crisis, but within planned modernization and building-up two new high-capacity blast furnaces.

Hoogoven 6 was fired a bit earlier, in 1967 already, number 7 in 1974 then. It´s capacity is nearly the same as the largest german blast furnace, famous Schwelgern 1.

Today both furnaces are in full operation together with two coke plants nearby.

Convertor steel-mill with three 350t convertors began its production in 1968.

Neighbouring heavy-section rolling-mill, gauging one and half kilometer belongs to one of the largest in the world, was set in production just one year later.

Together with british plants is IJmuiden part of Tata Steel group.

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