Rurexpol Częstochowa

Rurexpol Częstochowa

The boom of heavy industry after the Second World War was significant in whole Poland and impacted the town of Częstochowa as well.
The first plans for expansion of the former steelworks were made in 1947 already and counted with new open-hearth shop and a seamless tube rolling mill. The mill was built between 1948 and 1952 and the equipment was supplied by the Italian company Albert Calmes. The annual production capacity was projected for 40,000 tonnes of tubes per year.

During the first phase of the 1952-1955 development the annual capacity was increased to 70.000 tonnes, during the second phase 1966-1969 to 110.000 tonnes and finally during the last phase 1970-1974 to 130.000 tonnes.

Between 1991-1994 the mill was completely revamped.

After privatisation in 2000, the company ´Przedsiębiorstwo Walcowni Rur Rurexpol Sp. z o.o.´ was established. and then renamed ´Zakład Produkcji Rur ISD Częstochowa´ in 2005.

Since 2011 the Rurexpol pipe mill belongs to the Alchemia SA holding.

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