ZML Industries

ZML Industries

The grey iron foundry in the industrial zone of italian town of Maniago was built between 1968 - 1971 as the manufacturing plant of Zanussi company. The production was focused on small components casts for washing-machines, hot stoves and engines.
In 1978 the plant was merged with Zoppas foundry in San Fior, new company "Industrie Lavorazioni Metallurgiche SpA" was founded. In 1984 the works were taken over by Electrolux and major investments were made.

Under the name of "Elektrolux Components Companies" the production was expanded by compressors and engine casts. In 1993 the Gronar company became the only owner. New copper-wire rolling mill was built at the same time.

"ZML Industries" were founded in 2002 and merged with Gruppo Cividale later in 2006.

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