Željezara Zenica, the mountain steel mill

Željezara Zenica, the mountain steel mill

The mill in the middle of Bosnian mountains was founded in 1892 by a group of Austrian industrialists.
Production, which was driven in that time by pair of puddles, was mainly focused on hot rolled profiles and wires. As the "Eisen und Stahlgewerkschaft Zenica" brand was soon introduced on European market, significant development took place between 1898-1913. Zenica became part of Central European Metallurgical Cartel right after.
By 1958 there was a coking plant, three blast furnaces, four open-hearth furnaces, pair of rolling mills and a forge.
Current blast furnace no. 4 was put into operation in 1978, a pair of LD converters with continuous caster followed in 1989.

However the 90´s brought an unexpected turn. The war in Yugoslavia interrupted production for long 17 years. Decayed and damaged mill by air-raids was bought by Mittal Steel in 2004, who revitalizes the works within project "Phoenix". Old blast furnaces 1-3, including the old coke plant and the open-hearth steel mill were dismantled and replaced by more powerful technologies. Production was fully restored in 2008.
Nowadays Zenica Iron&Steel works are part of ArcelorMittal holding and employs over 2,000 people.

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