Železárny Štěpánov, forms casting

Železárny Štěpánov, forms casting

The history of smelting in Stepanov nad Svratkou began rather early, in 1572 already together with first iron-mills contruction. Foundry itself was founded later, in 1753.

With the onset of WW2 the production rapidly decreased and factory is bought by Jan Matousek, establisher of today´s Zelazarny Stepanov company. Foundry is prospering and building its name in Europe thanks to stoves production mainly until nacionalization.
Fall of communism and restitution in 1992 gives Stepanov iron foundry back into Jan and Milan Matousek hands and grey iron casts production started again.

Melting shop is running two rotary gas furnaces and two cold blast cupola furnaces.

Foundry is able to produce castings up to 3.000kg, mainly electric-motor housings and shields, gearbox housings, armatures, machine components, etc.

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