WCI Steel Warren, blast furnace

WCI Steel Warren, blast furnace

The horizon of northeastern Ohio is dominated by the rusting blast furnace in Warren.
The mill was founded by Trumbull Steel Co. in 1912 and the first blast furnace was built in 1922. By the time it used to be the world´s largest furnace with daily capacity over 60 tonnes of pig iron.

In 1928 the works were integrated into Republic Iron and Steel Corp. and two years later renamed to Republic Steel Corp.
After the merge with J & L Steel Co. in 1984 the LTV Steel Co. was established. Since 1988 the facility changed hands several times, with ownership transferring from Renco Group to Severstal and finally to RG Steel who bankrupted in 2012.
The history of iron and steel making in Warren ended almost exactly 100 years after the first melt.
The demolition of the BOF shop and rolling mills started in 2013.

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