Walcownia Rur Andrzej

Walcownia Rur Andrzej

The rich history of metallurgical production in Zawadzkie began in 1836, when Count Andrzej Maria Renard founded the first ironworks on the left bank of the Mala Panew River.
The ironworks, named "Zawadzky Werk" after General Franz von Zawadzky, started with four charcoal furnaces and hammers. By 1841 puddling furnaces and a bar rolling mill were put into operation.

In 1855 Spolka Akcyjna Minerva bought the works and dynamic expansion started. The mill now operated with 25 iron smelting furnaces, three steam hammers and a rolling mill for heavy and light sections.

In 1871 the name was changed to "Oberschlesische Eisenbahnbedarf" A.G.

At the beginning of the 20th century, production was gradually shifted to products for traction systems and to the armaments industry during the 1WW.

After the partition of Upper Silesia was approved in 1923, the plant was cut off from its traditional supplier of raw material - the Huta Pokój in Ruda Śląska, and the distance from other industrial centres in the German inland led to a gradual decline in production.

It gradually recovered only after the establishment of the Third Reich and the full orientation towards the military industry.
After the Second World War the factory was left in ruins.

After the nationalisation in 1946 Huta Andrzej was founded. A new forge and cast iron foundry was built. Two years later, the ironworks were renamed to ´Huta im. gen. Karola Świerczewski´.

New steel plant and a seamless pipe mill were built between 1961-1965.

After the fall of communism and failed economic transformation, the company went bankrupt in 2003.

Alchemia SA,the current owner of the pipe mill, continues the rich tradition of steel processing and shaping in Zawadzkie.

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