Walcownia Bruzdowa Zawiercie

Walcownia Bruzdowa Zawiercie

The development of the Polish steel industry is historically linked mainly with the city of Zawiercie, where a german
entrepreneur Samuel Huldschynsky started the construction of the first ironworks "Towarzystwo AKCYJNA Sosnowieckich Fabryki Rur and żelaza" in 1897.

In 1901 the first blast furnace, open hearth shop with two 40 t furnaces, tube mill and machine shops were put in operation. Section mill, especially small and medium sections are completed in 1903.

During the tense political situation in the period of 1904-1905 a new owner is changing the plant´s name to "Oberschlesische Eisenach-Bedarf AG". Two more open-hearth furnaces and a ring rolling mill were finished in 1908.

During the years 1914-1918 the production was completely halted, but uncertain situation persists two more decades though. Finally the mill production is restarted in 50´s. First of all the modernization of rolling mills took place and in 1964 the very first polish continuous caster was put in operation and the steel production was slowly shifted to electric arc furnaces. Open hearth shop was shutdown during the seventies.

The steelmill "Huta Zawiercie" was privatized in 1996 and soon after company "Walcownia Bruzdowe" was founded. ZW-WB represents the traditional rolling facility with rich history today.

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