Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze Victoria

Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze Victoria

The first attemps of coke making in Walbrzych area are dating back to 1776. From the initiative of duke Heller four Otto-type coke plants were in operation by 1793 already.

In 1912 new coke plant was built on the grounds of Victoria coal mine (founded in 1892), later rebuilt and modernized completely in 1943 by Germans.

In the beginning of 90´s the downturn of local coal mining has begun and one pit after another was shutdown for good. The same destiny met the other three coke plants „Bolesław Chrobry”, „Biały Kamień” a „Mieszko”. Coke plant "Victoria", newly formed as Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze „Victoria” in 1999 and integrated within Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. mining company is still active as the western-most coke making facility in Lower Silesia.

With 5 batteries the annual production reaches 500 mio tonnes of coke, mostly the special foundry one.

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