Völklinger Hütte

Völklinger Hütte

Völklinger Hütte is situated in the middle of once famous industrial region of Saar. The title of "Weltkulturerbe", i.e. UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, was given in 1994 and it was listed as one of the very first technical monuments ever.
The history of metallurgical complex started in 1873 when first local ironworks were established here by Mr. Buchem. The site is bought by industrialist Röchling just 8 years later and the production can be started on full speed. Dominanting feature is created by group of 6 blast furnaces built between 1882-1903 which were in use without major changes until 1986, now accessible for visitors. Part of the museum area is also neighbouring coke plant modernized in 1935, iron-ore processing plant and blowing room from the beginning of 20th century.

Unique and compactly preserved iron-making site gathering nearly 100 years of technological evolution is without any doubts one of the most significant industrial monuments in Europe. Not only the site itself but the whole urban environment is creating even today, less then 30 years after the closure, an authentic atmosphere of real industrial landscape which is still worth a visit.

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