Vítkovice Heavy Machinery

Vítkovice Heavy Machinery

Vitkovice Heavy Machinery carries on the tradition of Vitkovice Ironworks (former Rudolf Hütte) founded in 1828 by archbishop Rudolf von Habsburg.

After the last blast furnace shutdown in 1998, the fundamental pillar of success lies in heavy engineering with own steel production. The steel is currently provided by two electric arc furnaces with volumes of 70 tons and 50 tons. The smaller one, EAF No.4, holds one interesting primacy. Commissioned in 1938, it is the oldest arc furnace of its kind in Czech Republic. EAF No.4 was the base in speciality steel programs of Vitkovice for many years.

Besides the steel making shop there are two forges and ring rolling mill. The production is focused on heavy castings, machined forgings, ship crankshafts, heavy industry equipment and rail industry.

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