Uraltrak Chelyabinsk

Uraltrak Chelyabinsk

The first plans for a tractor plant (Chelyabinskiy traktornyy zavod) construction were drawn in 1930 by the well-known american architect Albert Kahn. The construction works began in 1933 as part of the first Five Year Plan.

The first tractor type C-60 was finished in 1935 already, and the first diesel-powered vehicle C-65 in 1937. By 1940, the Chelyabinsk factory produced 100,000 tractors.

With the gradual escalation of World War II numbers of engineering companies from western part of the country (especially whole Kirov plant in St. Petersburg) were moved behind the Ural Mountains and Chelyabinsk begins to bear the unofficial name "Tankograd", the tank city. In 1944 the plant had over 60,000 workers. As a result the Celyabinsk factory became the major supplier of tanks on the war front.

After the war the production gradually returns to agricultural machines.

The millionth tractor was manufactured in 1984.

Today, the core of Uraltrak is formed by several foundry shops and forging plant with steam and water-powered drop hammers.

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