Union Electric Steel Gateshead

Union Electric Steel Gateshead

In 1840 John Soulthard established the first factory for marine, locomotive and general engineers in the port town of Gateshead. The plant was called The Quarry Field Works.

In 1865 the newly established Hawthorn & Co. Building purchased in 1904 by Ernest Scott & Mountain. Since then, engineering has come to be called The Close Works after a closed factory in Close near Newcastle.

In 1915 the factory changed ownership again, which is now Sir W.G. Armstrong Whitworth & Co. Ltd. In the original halls, a foundry was established in 1920, and since 1933 production has been extended to cast rollers, which are still produced here.

Between 1969 and 1999, the foundry was operated by the Davy Roll Company. Today it is part of the Union Electric Steel Group.

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