Uddeholm Hagfors

Uddeholm Hagfors

Hagfors is a silent town within the Värmland county, surrounded by a lake, endless forests and a steel plant.

The first iron mill stood here in 1668 already thanks to Johann Karlström. Uddeholms was founded a little later, in 1720, and soon became the largest steelworks in Sweden.

By the end of1882, the ironworks had been fully equipped with a blast furnace, a siemens-martin steel plant, two Bessemer converters and a cogging mill.

The new blooming mill was put into operation in 1944 and is still in operation today. Bessemer´s converters were definitively shut down in 1965 and have been preserved as an invaluable technical monument to this day.

In 1991 the works were merged with the Austrian company Böhler. A Voestalpine company since 2007.

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