Trinecke zelezarny

Trinecke zelezarny

Třinecké železárny is one of the oldest still active metallurgical works in the Czech Republic today. Their history began in 1839, when the Chamber of Tesin decided to build the first charcoal furnace. By the year 1845 a foundry and enamelling shop was built here.

Before the end of the 19th century Trinec was connected to the Kosice-Bohumin railroad, which significantly contributed to further metallurgy development. The first open-hearth furnace was established in 1887.

Since 1906 the property is bought by Mining and Metallurgical Company, which modernizes the entire production cycle. The mill thus became one of the most modern mills in Central Europe. At the same time assigns a global leader in total electrification of the rolling mill.
Two blast furnace departments existed here at the same time; older on today´s BOF shop grounds, new one on the right bank of the river Olše.

As the works were not severely damaged by both world wars the dynamic development continued even after nationalization. The production reached its historical peak during the 80´s.

Privatization of the combine begun in 1989, the Moravia Steel, majority owner, took over the whole mill in 1996.

Trinec works consists today of the coke plant (new battery launched in 2011), two blast furnaces (1963-1968), BOF shop with two 180t converters (1983) and a several rolling mills.

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