Štore Steel

Štore Steel

The beginning of heavy industries in town of Store can be found in 1845 already, when the first water hammer was founded on the local river Voglajna in order to supply products used in the building of the Vienna-Trieste railway. In 1851 the Store ironworks were established.
The first ironworks were established here in 1851 bythe owner of local ore mines F.B. Andrieu together with entrepreneur P. Putzer.
In 1878 Charles Neufeld bought the works and registered it as Berg- und Hüttenwerke Store. By the late 19th century the main production segment consisted of cast rolls .

In 1912, the steel mill was modernized with pair of Siemens-Martin furnaces , next years were significant by production of cast tubes .

After a forced shutdown during the war years the smelter reopened in 1946 with production oriented on automotive industry. Important modernization occured between 1968-1973, the open-heart shop was closed soon after and was replaced by electric steel only.

After complicated organizational collisions the entire mill was shutdown in late 90´s. A new beginning is related to the year 2003, the establishment of Store Steel.
The works consists of one 60 t electric arc furnace with laddle furnace, continuous caster and rods and small section rolling mill.

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