Stahl Judenburg rolling mill

Stahl Judenburg rolling mill

Not only monumental Alps and grasslands valleys , but also one of the oldest running mill in Austria can be found in Styria today.
It was the year of 1905, when couple of entrepreneurs Sebastian Danner and Konrad Wittgenstein (the founder of Poldi Hütte in Kladno, Czech Republic) arrived from Prague with clear goal - to establish steel works nearby profiting ore field and with sufficient water energy source. And indeed, one year later "Steirischen Gußstahlwerke Danner und Co." was founded. A forge, rolling mill and steel shop with 3 open hearth furnaces and one 2,5 tons electric arc furnace (the very first one in the monarchy) were put in operation here.

During the Great war the production was reduced to army needs and the works were merged with "Österreichische Waffenfabriks - Gesellschaft". In the second world war the mill is known as "Alpine Montan AG Hermann Göring, Linz". New plant, so called "Ostwerk" across the main road was built between 1942-43, however all rolling equipment was dismantled by soviet army in 1945. New machines were installed within the Marshall plan already.

The works then became part of VoestAlpine concern. In 1972, the bar rolling mill was modernized. Steel shop with last open hearth and 4 electric arc furnaces was shutdown in 1985 definitely.

In 1995 Georgmarienhütte taken over the mill and running bar rolling mill until today.

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