SSAB Luleå

SSAB Luleå

The decission to built the northernmost steel plant in the world was made in 1940. The first integrated plant started to grow in the harbor district of Luleå in Lapland, the works were named "Norrbottens Järnverk AB".

By 1953 the blast furnace no.1, Thomas steel plant and a blooming mill were already running on the site.
In 1963 the state-of-the-art hot strip mill was put into operation, at that time the most modern one in whole Europe.

The second blast furnace was constructed in 1973 and new coke plant followed in 1975.

Due to gradual decline of the Scandinavian steel industry in the 70´s new Swedish-Finnish company called SSAB ("Svenskt Stål AB") was formed in 1978 by merger of three previously independent steel mills: Norrbottens Järnverk AB, Oxelösunds Järnverks AB and Domnarvet AB in Borlänge.

In 2000 new blast furnace no.3 was built and replaced the two old furnaces forever. Another milestone is planned for 2020. A pilot plant for fossil-free steel production based on hydrogen (HYBRIT project) is under construction now.

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