SSAB Borlänge

SSAB Borlänge

The history of nowadays modern hot strip mill is dating back to 1872-1878 when industrialist Gustav Adolf Lundhqvist established the first iron works in Domnarvet town (part of Borlänge today).
The first blast furnace was put in operation in 1878 and thanks to cheap steel of high quality the mill earned a prominent position in swedish heavy industrial market within its early 30 years already. An international reputation was reached during the second world war - prof. Bo Kallingen invented here the very first Kaldo (Kallingen + Domnarvet) converter worldwide.

The works has been modernized in 1956 completely. Annual production of rolled steel was about 400.000 tons.
Steel crisis during the 70´s hit Sweden as well and nationalized Domnarvet works were bought by current owner - SSAB company. All four blast furnaces and last two Kaldo converters were shutdown in 1981. SSAB Borlänge operates its hot strip rolling mill with 2600 workers today.

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