Slévárny Třinec

Slévárny Třinec

The foundry production in Trinec has a long tradition closely connected with Trinec ironworks. The first foundry was established here in 1842 and known as "Walcherhütte". In 1849 the first and in 1871 the second cupola furnace was installed.
First steel was casted in 1884. By that time the former production range of commercial casts was extended with components for rolling mills and foundries.

In 1906 the works were incorporated within recently founded "Österreichische Berg- und Hüttenwerkgesellschaft" New steel foundry was built in 1927.

Joint stock company "Slevarny Trinec" was established in 1999 by tearing appart from the Trinecke Zelezarny works.

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