Schmiedewerke Gröditz

Schmiedewerke Gröditz

The steel plant in the middle of mostly agricultural landscape of eastern Germany was founded by Count Detlev Carl von Einsiedel. The metallurgical production was commenced by cupola furnace construction in 1819. First real blast furnace followed six years later. By the end of 1901 the works were extended by forge, ring rolling mill and steel foundry, open-hearth steel shop later.

Major part of the works was dismantled in the end of second world war by russian troops. Reconstruction started in 1947, old open-hearth shop was replaced by modern electric arc furnace in 1952, new 60 MN forging press was installed in 1954.
Following decades were signed by gradual modernization, pointing out installation of VOD unit and ring rolling mill reconstruction

The steel mill Gröditz is part of Georgsmarienhütte group since 1997.

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