Sandvik Materials Technology

Sandvik Materials Technology

The integrated works in Sandvik were founded in 1862 by swedish industrialist Göran Fredrik Göransson who bought the british Bessemer patent soon after and established the first blast furnace with bessemer steel making shop in 1863 already. The works name was "Högbo Stal & Jernwerks" in the beginning.
During the end of 19th century the plant was modernized for the first time and within the construction works the rolling mills and forges were put in operation together with first open hearth furnace in 1898. By the 1908 six siemens-martin furnaces were active here already. Such a steel was mainly used for drilling and mining equipment.

The very first electric arc furnace was commissioned in 1928 and soon replaced the old bessemer process. New blooming mill was launched in 1954 and is partialy still in use.
Contemporary 75 tons EAF was constructed in 1960 together with same tons size AOD converter.

Sandvik Materials Technology belongs among top European alloyed steel producers of ingots, bars and tubes today.

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