Salzgitter Stahl AG

Salzgitter Stahl AG

The first mentions about ironworks situated westward from town of Salzgitter comes from 1858, when building-up of "Actien-Gesellschaft Ilseder Hütte" has begun.
It was an ordinary iron smelting plant until the second world war came. Massive investments were made as the need of pig iron and steel increased extremely. Site was renamed to "Reichswerke Hermann Göring" and the gigantic metallurgical combine project counting with 32 blast furnaces in four groups with monthly 400 000 ton of pig iron production could have been commenced.

The project ended up with 16 furnaces and two coke plants only. Nevertheless two fake steel mills from plywood and cardboards were built nearby to distract the allied air-raids. This tactics was successfull by the way.

Non the less all blast furnaces were dismantled by the allies and replaced by 7 modern ones between 1949 and 1961. Only bf no.6 (now "C") survived till today from these.

Blast furnaces "A" and "B" were installed recently, "A" in 2005 and "B" one year earlier.

Coke plant operates with two batteries and belongs to most modern ones within the whole Germany.

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