Saint-Gobain Králův Dvůr

Saint-Gobain Králův Dvůr

The rich history of iron smelting in Kraluv Dvur dates back to 1346 and was founded by king Charles IV. The very first czech charcoal furnace was constructed in 1595. The works were largely modernized in 1860 by Fürstenberg family. Charcoal process was replaced by first blast furnace. New foundry was built at the same time together with moulding and machining shop. After the blast furnace shutdown in 1987 the works were privatized.

The former foundry no. II was bought by COMETA company in 1992 and integrated into Saint-Gobain group in 2002. With two cupola furnaces the production range focuses on pipes and fittings casts from grey iron.

The melting and casting processes were shutdown for good in October 2021.

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