Resita ironworks

Resita ironworks

Resita ironworks started the steel production in 1771 with two furnaces. Urban settlements grew up later and surrounded the site completely within few decades.
However similary to other pig-iron production mills in Romania (Hunedoara, Calan) Resita works were closed in 1991 due to lack of iron ore in mines (Ocna de Fier) nearby.

Two 5th generation blast furnaces refurbished in 1963 were to be found here until 2004 when bf no.1 was demolished by TMK, current russian owner.
BF no.2 was then preserved immediately. But that´s all. As it´s on TMK´s grounds, the town and state can´t do nothing regarding the romanian law. Blast furnace can´t be neither demolished nor reconstructed. Just standing here and waiting. For what nobody knows.

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