PSP slévárna Přerov

PSP slévárna Přerov

The steel foundry was established as a part of Přerov Machinery works in 1958.
The capacity of the foundry with two electric arc furnaces (5t and 10t) was designed for 15,000t of castings per year.
During the 1970s the capacity was expanded to 27,000tpa thanks to the addition of the third arc furnace.

In 1995 the joint stock company PSP Slévárna was established and it was absorbed by Finish company Metso Minerals after a difficult economic situation.

The operation of the foundry was shutdown for good on 1 May 2024, mainly due to the impossibility of continual export of steel castings to the Russian market, which was essential for the Přerov foundry before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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