Promet foundry, Vsetin

Promet foundry, Vsetin

The origins of Vsetin grey iron smelting can be found at the end of 19th century, when the first production site was founded here in 1869 by entrepreneur and famous furniture designer Michael Thonet ( 1796-1871 ). In 1922 the foundry was bought by inventor in the field of electrical machines, Josef Sousedík ( 1894-1944 ). He modernized the old factory and built new pattern and lathe shop.

After the nationalization the works were incorporated into ZSE Prague and continued performing under the name MEZ Vsetín . The company went separate in 1989. Besides production expansion a major investment in new technologies Lost Foam was made. This unique method imported from the U.S. has been the only one of its kind in Europe for a long time. In 1997 fully automatic molding line was installed.

Promet Foundry Company was formed in 2007 and producting casts from grey and ductile iron nowadays. Two cold-blast cupola furnaces were shutdown in 2013 and replaced by induction furnaces.

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