Pro-Roll Ltd. Sheffield

Pro-Roll Ltd. Sheffield

The Little Matlock Rolling Mill in Sheffield was established on foundations of the original forge from 1732. The old shop was severely damaged by the great flood in 1864 and completely destroyed.

A brand new rolling mill was built on the same site in 1882 and was powered by a water wheel on Loxley river until 1956.

In 1974 the the plant was sold to Barworth Flockton Ltd. and taken over by Firth Rixson Ltd. in 1997. All operations were ceased two years later. In 1999 the site was sold to a development company who planned to convert the former mill into a residential housing.

Thanks to historical importance of the area, the Sheffield City Council stepped in and prevented the transaction.

In 2001 Pro-Roll Ltd. bought the mill buildings and revived the traditional hand-rolling later that year.

The company was relocated to a new site in 2017 to expand the production capacities.

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