Odlewnia Żeliwa S.A.

Odlewnia Żeliwa S.A.

In 1886 entrepreneur Ernest Erbe founded a small forge in Łośnica village and started manufacture of agricultural implements. Great interest and sales of such products resulted the establishment of the first foundry, which was built in 1892 in the northern part of Zawiercie.

Manufacture of agricultural machineries soon exceeded the borders of a Erbe´s factory and gained monopoly over the entire Prussia. It became famous under the name "Fabryka Łączników and Wyrobow rope-Kutych Ernest Erbe."

Successful years were interrupted by the First World War, production was restarted in 1920.

After World War II the plant went through major upgrades t and the manufacture range expanded. New cupola furnaces were put in operation and the annual output reaches 3000 tons of grey iron casts.

After 1996 the foundry is detached from former group Ferrum and cupolas are replaced by modern induction technology. Today the production segment is focused on water systems casts and components for the automotive industry.

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