Nove Ransko foundry

Nove Ransko foundry

Despite the very first historical remarks on iron smelting production in Ransko are adherent to 1480, contemporary foundry Nove Ransko was founded much later.
It was in 1885 when Jan Pujman bought grounds southern from Ransko village and commenced building the first production hall. Foundry was aimed on stationary internal combustion engines casts and associated agricultural technology.
After the war the works were taken over by national concern Agrostroj and machine industry was slowly supressed. Some major investments and were made in 60´s already and alluminium and copper foundry was built

Today´s production range is focused on individual product pieces to order as well as medium-size production series made of grey iron, alluminium and copper.

Grey-iron is smelted in electric induction furnaces. Two 750mm cupolas were shut down for good in February 2012.

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