Nizhnetagilskij metallurgical plant

Nizhnetagilskij metallurgical plant

The town of Nizhny Tagil was founded in 1722 at the rivers Vyia and Tagil situated in Sverdlovsk region. Already in 1725 a significant russian industrialist Nikita Demidov founded the first copper smelter here. In the same year the first of four blast furnaces was put in operation. However, as the quality of copper ore was declining significantly, first attemps of pig iron production started soon after, in 1736.

The mill was modernized since 1860. In 1891 and 1913, two open-hearth furnaces and rolling mill are built in northen part. Main production consisted of simple steel equipment, pipes and war cannons later.

In 1917, the mill became a joint stock company.

During the Second World War the works started production of ferro-chromium and ferro-mangan, rolling mills were oriented mostly on sheet steel for military aircrafts.

In 1987 the ironworks are shutdown for good and the very first industrial museum in Russia is established. The production was moved to the EVRAZ NTMK integrated works nearby (

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