mina Anina

mina Anina

The deepest colliery with the longest history of active mining in Romania represents Anina mine situated in the northwestern part of the region Caraş-Severin.

Coal industry was commenced here by entrepreneur Heinrich Hensch in 1790 already. Over the years, the mine was taken over by company Miniera Banat, which operated the plant until 2006, when all mining activities were shutdown for good.

For more than two centuries of underground exploitation the main pit reached the depth of 1,200 meter, along with hundreds of kilometers of exploration tunnels.

However, it should be noticed that the mine Anina go down in history as one of the most dangerous underground works in Europe. Over one thousand miners lost their lives throughout the years here.

Today the whole complex is abandoned and disintegrating seriously. Once prosperous mining town Anina is waiting for a better tomorrow. Unexcavated underground reserves of hard coal, lignite and anthracite coal are estimated at 840 million tons.

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