Metalurgie Rumburk

Metalurgie Rumburk

Metalurgie Rumburk was founded in 1905 as a branch of Saxon knitting loom factory in Neugersdorf owned by Gustav Thiele. Former engineering shop was extended by gray iron foundry with two cupola furnaces.
During the war production was subordinated to the army needs and mainly grenades were made here. After the nationalization the plant was incorporated under the North Bohemian Machinery and Foundry concern, later under Textilstroj and finally became part of TOS Varnsdorf.

After the velvet revolution new independet company Metalurgie Rumburk was established and continues with traditional casting of gray and ductile iron for machining and building equipment. Original cupolas were replaced by modern rotary drum furnaces Sogemi (12 tons) in 1999. Former foundry hall was rebuilt completely in 2008 and expanded by new casting hall in 2013.

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