Měď Povrly

Měď Povrly

The mill in Povrly belongs among the few traditional Czech producers of rolled and pressed copper and brass products.

Its history dates back to 1898, when the Prague merchant Moritz Bondy decided to establish the "Kupferwerke Österreich" factory.

During the The First Czechoslovak Republic the strip rolling mill was put into operation and the original foundry underwent some necessary upgrades.
In 1934 the operations were expanded by a bar and a tube mill.

During the World War II the production shifted to an assortment of iron and aluminum parts for military use.

After 1945 the works were nationalized and new enterprise called "Czech Rolling Mill of Metals" was founded.

A major modernization occured during the 1980s; the copper foundry got a new continuous caster and a Sendzimir-Redex stand was installed at the cold rolling mill.

Měď Povrly is part of the Metalimex group today.

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