Liberty Speciality Steels, Rotherham

Liberty Speciality Steels, Rotherham

The Liberty Steels specialties in Aldwarke (Rotherham) are a proud successor of no longer existing Parkgate Iron & Steel, which no founded in 1823.

A modern steel plant with a Kaldo converter, an electric arc furnace and a subsequent primary mill was commissioned in 1964 as an extension of Parkgate production capacity. The nacionalisation three years later resulted in the formation of the British Steel Corporation.

In 1971, the arc furnace “T” was put into operation; in 1976 the new Thryberg bar rolling mill was finished; in 1988 a new bloom caster followed; and finally in 1993 the construction of the new electric arc furnace “N” was completed.

In 1999 the Corus group was formed from the merger of British Steel PLC and Koninklijke Hoogovens N.V., and it was operating the steel plant until 2010, when Tata Steel took over production.

The works are part of Liberty Steel since 2016.

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