Leonhard Breitenbach Giesserei

Leonhard Breitenbach Giesserei

The iron&steel prodution has a long history in Siegen. One of the oldest companies is undoubtedly the Leonhard Breitenbach cylinder foundry from 1866.

It was founded by the brothers Leonhard, Gerlach Heinrich and Wilhelm Breitenbach after they bought the land of the former Trupbach ironworks.

The current form of the foundry dates back to 1909, when the foundations for a new production hall with two hot-blast cupola furnaces were laid.

In 1974 the original company was split into the holding Breitenbach Co. KG and the foundry Leonhard Breitenbach Walzengießerei und Dreherei GmbH.

The foundry focuses on cast cylinders for the rubber, paper and food industries.

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