Kosaya Gora Ironworks, Tula

Kosaya Gora Ironworks, Tula

One of the oldest ironworks in the western part of the Russian Federation can be found in Kosaya Gora town less than two hours drive southern from Moscow. The plant´s history started after the serfdom abolition in 1861. With new economic opportunities and railway junction construction in the neighboring city of Tula a decission for new iron ore smelter has been made in 1886, the plant was named "Sudakov works". First pig iron was produced in 1897 already and second blast furnace was built just year later.
This fast development was interrupted by the economic recession in 1905, production was restarted again in 1915 when "Tula Ironworks" company was founded. The works has been completely relined and new cement plant was built on the grounds for slag recycling purpose.
The third blast furnace was put into operation in 1930.

In 2010 major reconstruction of blast furnace no.1 was finished.

Kosaya Gora Ironworks are focused on pig iron (BF no.1) and ferromanganese (BF no.2) production together with grey iron casting.

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