Izhorskiye Zavody, OMZ foundry

Izhorskiye Zavody, OMZ foundry

Izhorskiye Zavody belongs among the oldest mills in Russia, founded in 1722 by tsar Peter I. nearby the town of Petersburg. Copper smelting and shipbuilding was the core business during the first decades. The iron foundry was commissioned in 1790.

In 1803 major reconstruction was done by tsar Alexander I.
In 1862 the very first steam ship called "Mechanik" was manufactured here in Kolpino.

After the second world war the heavily damaged mill was modernized again. First electric arc furnace was put in operation in 1945. Former open-hearth furnaces were slowly replaced by three others arcs.

In 1990 great restructuralization is taking place, the foundry is becoming part of large group OMZ. Today, OMZ foundry belongs among the most important foundries in Europe, specializing on metalurgical, mining and building industry. Thanks to neighbouring OMZ Spec-Stal steel plant maximum cast weight is almost 170 tons.

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