Italiana Coke, Cairo Montenotte

Italiana Coke, Cairo Montenotte

It was back in 1897 when the company "Società Anonima Coke e Derivati" built the first coke plant in Sevona. In 1911 the entire site was relocated to the nearby industrial area of Vado Ligure, with its own coal harbour.

In 1912 the aerial ropeway was put into operation.

As the demand for coke increased steadily in the first half of the twentieth century, it was decided to build a new coking plant at Cairo Montenotte in 1936. The original composition with three coking batteries was expanded by two more by 1956.

In 1975 the coke works were merged with the coking plant at Vado Ligure and in 1980 with the other two plants at Avenza and Porto Marthera.

During the privatisation in 1994 the Cairo Montenotte coking plant became independent and the "Italiana Coke" was formed.

The aerial ropeway transporting the coal from the port of Savona is 17 kilometres long.

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