Industeel Châteauneuf

Industeel Châteauneuf

The history of the largest heavy plate mill in Europe is dating back to 1853, when the Marrel brothers established their first rolled products factory in Rive-de-Gier near Lyon, later known as Marrel Frères.

In 1864, the production was expanded to newly established plant in Châteauneuf. The main production range consisted of armor plates and artillery cannons.

An interesting fact is that, for example, the heavy armored bunker towers of the Maginot Line were made here.

In 1932 the unique rolling mill combined with a forging press was installed in Châteauneuf and it is still in use today.

After World War II the Marrel Brothers Company became part of the Creusot Loire Group. But after the bankruptcy several years late the USINOR took the production over. The plant had various names
throughout the years; Creusot Loire Industrie, CLI Fafer, or Usinor Industeel.

At present, the mill is owned by the ArcelorMittal Group and manufactures heavy plates up to 3200 mm wide and 80 tons in weight.

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