Huta Sendzimira

Huta Sendzimira

The second largest Polish steelworks were established in 1954 within the district of Krakow called Nowa Huta. The first blast furnace was tapped in the same year together with finished construction of the power plant, sintering plant and coking unit.

In 1955 the open-hearth steel making shop was put into operation, the first oxygen converter was launched at the beginning of the 70´s. Pig iron was produced by 5 blast furnaces. By that time the mill hasd over 40,000 employees. Annual steel production reached up to 7 million tonnes.
In 1995 the steel plant was refurbished and construction of continuous slab caster was finished.

ArcelorMittal both the Krakow works in 2005 and soon after (2007) let the Siemens company built a brand new hot strip mill there which is together with one blast furnaces and BOF shop still active today.

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