Huta Częstochowa, heavy plate mill

Huta Częstochowa, heavy plate mill

Heavy plate mill continues with more then century-old tradition of the steel production in Częstochowa and also belogns among the largest mills of its kind in Poland.

Huta Częstochowa was founded in 1896 by entrepreneur Bernard Hantke and known as "Towarzystwo Zakładów Metalowych Hantke". Already in 1899 first blast furnace was built and the second followed just two years later.
After the war period and nationalization in 1946, the whole operation was significantly modernized and expanded with new plant site "Mirów" in the eastern part. Two blast furnaces, coke plant (today Koksownia Częstochowa Nowa) and current heavy plate rolling mill (1969-1972) were put in operation here. Simultaneously new steel making shop with an arc furnace and continuous caster was in progress too.

Since 2005 the plant belongs to ISD corporation. Due to unfavorable market situation, the steel mill is iddled temporarily, slabs are transported from ukrainian Alchevsk iron&steel works.

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