Huta Buczek, iron foundry

Huta Buczek, iron foundry

It was the year of 1881 when the first mill in Sosnowiec county was established by entrepreneur Huldschynsky, the works were named as "Walcownia Żelaza i Rurkownia, Katarzyna Huta". Only a steel foundry, rolling mill and forge were commissioned there. First iron smelting unit consisting of tw blast furnaces was built in 1895. The works were known as "Towarzystwo Akcyjne Sosnowieckich Fabryk Rur i Żelaza" in that time.

During the Great war the plant was seriously damaged and partially restored until after the 1920 already, production started to focus on cylinders casting and seamless tubes. In 1938 two open-hearth furnaces were installed in the steel plant. During the Second World War was the first blast furnace was destroyed and occupying german troops used the mill for submarines parts production. After the war also the second blast furnace was demolished and the works merged with Huta Sosnowiec.

Current cylinders foundry, owned by Huta Buczek SA since privatization in 1995, was built during the 70s. The melting shop consists of three induction furnaces with volumes of 6, 15 and 25 tons.

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