Huta Batory, Chorzow

Huta Batory, Chorzow

The decision to build a steel plant in Chorzow was made in 1872 , when "Katowicka Spółka Akcyjna" was founded for such purpose. The mill, during first decades known as "Bismarckhütte" was controled by Wilhelm Kollmann, former director of Huta Baildon. Production at the "lower mill" was launched in 1873. At that time there were puddling furnaces and section rolling mill active.

One of the first open-hearth furnaces in Europe was commissioned in 1890 here. In the following years the works expanded with drop forge (1892), electric steel mill and heavy sections rolling mill (1896) . Construction of the "upper mill" which consisted of pipe rolling welding plant and heavy plate rolling mill was completed in 1908.

Between 1912-1915 "duo" reversible rolling mill, at the time the largest stand of it´s kind in Europe, and second Mannesmann rolling mill were put in operation. Production was expanded with marine boilers and armored plates.
In 1933 the name was changed to "Huta Batory" and the whole plant has been significantly modernized.
Quarto plate rolling mill was built in 1961 within the "upper mill" site.

After the fall of communism era the works were disintegrated into several smaller copanies. "Huta Batory Sp. z o.o. " ,was established in 1992 and running the electric steel plant with tube rolling mill.

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