Heunisch Guss iron foundry

Heunisch Guss iron foundry

The history of production site in Brno - Lisen town district dates back to second world war when "Flugmotorenwerke Ostmark GmbH Wien, Zweigwerk" was founded here. The factory was manufacturing airplane motors for army needs. After the war the site became part of Zbrojovka Brno company.

In 1952 whole tractor production department was relocated to Brno-Lisen engineering works and the first "Zetor" tractor has been made.
The iron foundry which was part of the site until 2006 was bought by german company "Giesserei Heunisch".

After major modernization the casting bay consists of one hot-blast cupola furnace and automatic casting line with casts from 30-400 kg. Production focuses on agriculptural and automotive industry.

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