HBIS Group Železara Smederevo

HBIS Group Železara Smederevo

Metallurgical Kombinat Smederevo, the pride of Serbian steel industry, was built in 1970 as a successor of famous SARTID (Srpsko akcionarsko rudarsko topioničarsko industrijsko društvo) plant who used to exist on the bank of Danube river nearby. The mill was founded in 1913 and was manufacturing steam locomotives and wagons for several decades.

As the demands for local steel were growing after second world war and the old plant had no place to expand, it was necessary to built new modern plant. The decision was made in 1960 already, but took 10 long years to finish due to difficult political situation.
The sintering plant, blast furnace department and oxygen steelworks were built by Ukrainian Azovmash, hot strip mill and cold line were supplied by German company Thyssen. First melt was successfully made in 1971.

Today the works are operating two blast furnaces, three 120t oxygen converters and the hot strip mill. After US Steel sold their Serbian assets in 2015, the plant is now owned by Chinese HeSteel company.

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